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Play Ground
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FULL Cleaning and Maintenance Package

(Available Monthly, Bi-Monthly and Quarterly)

Power wash with antibacterial sanitizer

Trash removal in and around playground area(s)

  • Play equipment & rubber surfacing

  • Ramada(s)

  • Picnic tables, benches & trash receptacles

  • Sidewalks

Surfacing rake & sift

  • Sand/wood chips for garbage, glass and other debris

  • Level out uneven areas in sand/wood chips around play equipment (swings, slides, climbers, etc.)

Graffiti removal on play equipment and around playground area (sidewalks, ramada(s), etc.)

Hardware that is missing or loose (standard nuts & bolts) will be replaced and tightened each service (does not include nuts & bolts we have to special order)

Park amenities will be reviewed for wear and tear or vandalism and reported to community manager

Service Report - Report with pictures will be provided to the community upon completion of cleaning services

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LITE Cleaning & Maintenance Package

(Available Monthly, Bi-Monthly and Quarterly)

This includes everything in our FULL Maintenance and Cleaning packages except it does not include power blowing area and leveling out overall surface area but will include leveling out surfacing under play amenities, such as slides and swings.

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Comprehensive Playground Safety Inspections

Perhaps our most vital service, low frequency inspections can be performed weekly, monthly, quarterly, or annually by a certified playground safety inspector, depending on your needs. During an examination, we inspect each playground inventory item for issues that could create a hazardous play environment, as well as structural integrity, proper use zones, safety surfacing, entanglements and entrapments, exposed footers, loose or missing hardware, and excessive wear or damage.

Upon completion, we enter all findings on our exclusive software system and send you a detailed report, including digital photos and estimates to repair all equipment defects, damage, or hazards.

Safety inspections include an assessment of compliance with ASTM F1487: Standard Consumer Safety Performance Specification for Playground Equipment and The United States Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) Handbook for Public Playground Safety.

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Full Playground Audit

Usually performed once in the lifetime of a playground, an audit verifies that each playground component complies with all applicable standards of the American Society for Testing & Materials (ASTM) F1487-07 specifications and the CPSC Handbook for Public Playground Safety. Conducted on new or substantially renovated playgrounds, an audit attests that the playground and equipment pose no serious or life-threatening situations. After the audit, our certified playground safety inspectors enter data on our exclusive software system for secure, long-term storage plus provide a full report prioritized by risk.

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Emergency graffiti removal, sand tilling and debris removal, sand sifting, and much more.

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