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We proudly serve parks and playgrounds in Arizona and Southern Nevada



Play by Play Playgrounds was born in 2019 with a strong desire to be a difference maker in the marketplace. By focusing on strong customer service, fast response times and a commitment to quality and safety, Play by Play sets a standard that customers can trust time and time again.

With over 50 years of combined experience in the park and playground industry, the owners have worked together for years and have now joined forces to raise the bar in playground safety in Arizona and Southern Nevada.


The safety of children is always our highest priority, but we also strive to create a safe environment for customers - homeowner's associations, municipalities, schools, etc. By minimizing playground hazards and providing detailed record keeping, Play by Play is able to reduce costs and long-term client liability.

Whether inspecting, maintaining or installing your playground equipment, assessing your needs for the future or contributing to your risk management protocol, we commit to producing high quality results every time - Play by Play!

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