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Cleaning Services

Play by Play Playgrounds understands that the playground purchasing experience doesn’t end with the installation of the equipment. Our crews are fully capable of cleaning your park equipment, playground safety surfacing, and site amenities in a safe and efficient manner. Not only do we specialize in cleaning of playgrounds and parks, but we can also maintain and / or inspect the sites we serve. 

Services Include

  • Power wash with antibacterial sanitizer

    • Play equipment & rubber surfacing

    • Ramada(s)

    • Picnic tables, benches & trash receptacles

    • Sidewalks


  • Surfacing rake & sift

    • Sand/wood chips for garbage, glass and other debris

    • Level out uneven areas in sand/wood chips around play equipment

           (swings, slides, climbers, etc.)


  • Trash removal in and around playground area(s)


  • Graffiti removal on play equipment and around playground area (sidewalks, ramada(s), etc.)

  • Hardware that is missing or loose (standard nuts & bolts) will be replaced and tightened each service (does not include nuts & bolts we have to special order)


  • Park amenities will be reviewed for wear and tear or vandalism and reported to community manager

playground cleaning
  • Service report

    • Report with pictures will be provided to the community upon completion of cleaning services

    • Upon completion of scheduled safe­ty inspection, the community will be given an inspection report notating compliant and non-complaint safety concerns - includes pictures of non-compliant safety concerns

Additional Services

  • All regularly schedule cleaning services that include sand surfacing also include raking the existing sand to remove surface debris and provide a level surface for play. It is recommended that your play sand be regularly tilled to provide deeper cleaning and maintain attenuation. Every site is different, based on the amount of usage and location, but every 6 months is recommended for most sites. This service can be scheduled and quoted as a separate service.

  • Excessive graffiti will be reported to community manager for approval and can be removed at an hourly rate

  • Repairs of playground equipment or amenities

    • Expensed at an hourly rate for labor and additional costs for parts and materials


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